Russian Travel Photoagency and web-magazine Changes.ru presents: expedition online-photo-audio-project RADIOTRAVEL.

RADIOTRAVEL is the big long-distance and long-term journey. Southern-East Asia and Central Asia (1 part of the project, now — done). Aim of this project – creation of online blog-book.

During our journey we publish here photographs, sounds and audiocomments from different countries, cities and villages. You can hear audio comments if you’ll click the button “play” (most of the time audio-comments are in Russian but sometimes it’s just a sounds and noises from places).

Our approximate itinerary was: Russia (Moscow)-India-Nepal-India (Ladakh, Varanasi, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala etc.)-Andaman Islands-Thailand-China-Tibet-Mongolia-Russia (Baikal lake)-Russia (Moscow).

Our plan was to travel for 1 year but finally the first part of our trip took 8 months and 14 days (June 23, 2007, flight Moscow-Ashgabad-Delhi — murch 6, 2008, flight Irkutsk-Moscow).

Real itinerary of the first part was: Russia (Moscow)-India-Nepal-India (Ladakh, Varanasi, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala etc.)-Andaman Islands-Thailand-China-Russia (Irkutsk-Baikal lake)-Russia (Moscow).

After first trip we made sometimes short travels — rubric which we called «reconnaissance» (already was in Papua-New Guinea, Seychelles and different places in Russia).

Original adress of this blog-book — www.peremeny.ru/books/radiotravel, short adress — www.radiotravel.ru.

You can write us via e-mail: peremeny (dog) gmail.com. We are ready to discuss possibility of publication of our photos from this blog-book in Media, and also we will always be glad to read your thoughts and impressions about our trip.

We are: mo and Gleb Davydov.

Here we are in Thailand, Bangkok, bts-train


Secon trip — in progress now. Author of second part — Kai.

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